Aug 28, 2006

"Roses in the warm evening"

Every time,when rose opens its petals and presents us its regal beauty ,we stand motionless,admiring this magnificence. Filibuster's castle,queen,elegance,love...these associations appears in consciousness the first seconds after the mentioning of it. I am for a long time did't try to draw the roses,waiting ,when I see,feel and understand,what creates so spirit of royalty and greatness in it.As a result,I got this picture.

Aug 26, 2006

the bouquet of chrysanthemums...II

...and this on the new format 46x56cm and definitely likes me.

“The bouquet of chrysanthemums"

I think it was an occasion meddled in compilation of this bouquet,tender and dynamic.I am usually supposed such chrysanthemums looks very tiresome,at least,it seemed to me earlier.I had tried to make the work not very big size,34x40cm.As a result,I got enough successful composition.But I think to develop this idea and draw the picture on the big linen canvas.Into the interior ,the picture can bring sounds of coolness,that enough actually in a hot summer day

Aug 24, 2006

"Sunflowers in copper vase"(sold)

I am always find a pleasure in drawing still lives,landscapes,beautiful see looks,park sceneries and so on.And me known for sure,it's very difficult to find or stay in certain sphere of activity,even if I will try to do it.So I am planning to use my blog to investigate my new abilities,independently of any circumstances.I am feel a desire to ficsate and realise new ideas in my free time.I begin my first step with publication of this canvas,where I am impressed a luxurious bouquet of sunflowers ,which I look on my table in antique copper vase(I think french) already for some days,and the palette of colours near my hands ,allowed me to lead this matter till the end.


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